Led by advanced textile technologies, Nantong Jialiang Textile Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturer of woolen, fancy fabrics, Scarf, shawls as well as conventional yarn-dyed fabrics of all cotton, T/C, T/R, Rayon and acrylic; with design, production and trade as main activities; at the same time, we also provide customers with large jacquard, small jacquard, clipping and carving, doup harness and other products. Located in Nantong City (birthplace of modern textile industry of China) in the northern part of Yangtze River Delta in eastern China, we enjoy good location for we take only one hour's drive to Shanghai city.



- Scarf -
- Yarn-dyed -
- Wool spinning -
- Fancy -
- Printing and dyeing -
- Colored yarn -


Talent strategy has always been an important part of development strategy, "when use, men" is the aim of jia jing of choose and employ persons...

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